About me

My first real programming experience was when I was 16. I Mac OS X had just been released, which introduced me to Unix, and terminal and the built in Perl docs. I started out mastering conditionals and loops as I wrote mini terminal games on the first version of Mac OS X when I was 16.

There’s a lot of topics one can get into in tech, and after years of doing full-stack development, I’ve finally found my sweet spot in the browser, wrangling the DOM, and building design systems / components.

2019 is an amazing time to be a front-end developer. Browsers are more spec compliant, those that aren’t are either fading away (IE) or becoming standard (Edge). jQuery is pretty much obsolete. We have Babel, core-js, and some more exciting specs like web components are finally maturing enough to the point where they are viable to use in production.

Today, I work for a Big Public Corp. implementing a web components based design system that is being adopted by products that range from 20 year old legacy applications to greenfield SPAs in every imaginable framework.